Chariot watercolor

Chariot Watercolor Combined With India Ink

Chariot Watercolor – With Pen And Ink

The design for this chariot watercolor was was used in several projects. Each project had different requirements. The medium and substrate for this version is watercolor and India ink, on Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. The second version is acrylic paints on a denim jacket. A stencil was created to insure a precise final composition on both works. An Xacto knife was used to cut the stencil. A line was cut the stencil then the stencil was placed on the substrate and the line was penciled in.

After the entire stencil was cut and the lines were laid in, the design was sketched in with India ink. Many layers of colors were applied over the ink drawing. For some of the hues opaque watercolors called gouache were applied. This was the case for the large areas of solid colors. Additionally it was used to rework over spots of transparent watercolor. Other times it was just used to create an effect. Transparent watercolors were used as washes to blend colors.

Chariot Watercolor Infused With Symbolism

This painting is infused with symbolism. The title Chariot – My Father’s Eyes provides some insight into the meaning of the painting. The warrior represents the artist’s father who was a Navy officer during World War II. Later, when he returned home he was involved in many political campaigns. The purpose of all of these efforts was to improve the world we live in. The sun figure looking down upon the charioteer symbolizes God’s watchful presence. The shield the warrior holds and the one that embellishes the chariot symbolizes God’s protection.

Arches Watercolor Paper, Watercolors And India Ink

High quality artist materials were used to create this vibrant painting. Arches watercolor paper is the ground. Brand name watercolors such as Windsor and Newton were used. In the creation of artwork high quality archival materials are of great importance. Paper should be acid free to insure its longevity.

About This Chariot Watercolor Painting

Title: Chariot – My Father’s Eyes

Medium: Watercolors and India ink, on Arches watercolor paper

Size: 20″ x 14″

Framed Size: 26-7/8″ x 20-7/8″

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