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The creation of original drawings is a form of visual art that artist Sheila Alden has been creating since childhood.

Alden uses a wide range of drawing instruments. In addition the artist does both wet and dry drawing. On the whole her drawings are rendered using a variety of  mediums including pen and ink, graphite pencils, crayons, inked brushes, charcoal and pastels.

The technique changes according to the effect she is working to achieve. As well as the medium employed. When creating line drawings with pen and ink or pencil, a highly detailed realistic rendition is often the goal. Periodically pencil sketches are done quickly to capture the moment. At other times the artist takes time to shade extensively. Producing work that evokes realism and the inner mood of the subject.  From time to time she combines washes with pen and ink drawings to create a more spontaneous looking result.

Her steady hand and keen eyes contribute to her ability to achieve accurate representations of her subjects. Sheila works to achieve a variety of effects which span from rough sketches to incredibly detailed ink work.

A favorite medium of the artist is oil pastel. Which in fact crosses the boundary between painting and drawing. Lines can be drawn with oil pastels. Or the pastels can be blended with solvents such as turpentine or mineral spirits to be used in a painterly fashion.


Drawing is a major way for artists to express themselves and one of the oldest forms of human expression. It has remained a popular means for people to voice their thoughts visually throughout history. Drawing is a skill that with practice most people can master. A series of free art instruction books by Andrew Loomis are available online.

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Cat In Repose, cat resting surrounded by flowers, pen and ink

Mallard Ducks, Mallard ducks in the tall grass, pen and ink

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