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Sheila Alden Massachusetts Artist

Welcome to the website of Massachusetts artist Sheila Alden. Painting and drawing since early childhood, Sheila is a life-long artist uniquely blessed with passion and talent, furthermore the artwork she creates is bold and joyful. She has a deep love and admiration for the natural world. And as a result her artwork focuses on animals, flowers and nature, as well as a variety of  other subjects. Not to mention a number of mediums are represented in her work. As shown here this includes oil paintings, watercolors, oil pastel paintings, pen and ink and pencil drawings.

Artwork Categories

Massachusetts artist, Sheila Alden's cat Micky watching Sheila as she creates artwork.
According to Massachusetts artist, Sheila Alden, “Everybody needs a helper, and my cat Micky is one of the best”.

Massachusetts Artist & Graphic Designer

Sheila produces high quality graphic design materials, moreover for many years she was a lead graphic designer for a division of Stanley Black & Decker. Her graphic design work includes brochures, newsletters, catalogs, logos, web design, and digital photography.

Passion For Fine Art Rekindled

As shown above, Sheila is a graphic designer. However, her passion for fine art was rekindled as a result of her mother’s illness. As Sheila puts it, “in fact when my mom became ill my life changed forever. To take care of those we love who need our help, is a very emotional and personal thing. When the need for care giving has passed, after all is settled we may be left with a void. To summarize this we are faced with the reality of how fragile and short life is. After all a person may reflect on their life, and decide to journey back to doing what they love the most. And sometimes we have something calling us from within, something we may have felt from an early age that we need to fulfill.”

Techniques Vary By Media

Sheila’s personal fulfillment of her goal as a fine artist includes working to master a variety of subjects and media. Thus her oil paintings feature unique brushwork and expressive color choices. The boundaries of natural lines and color are pushed significantly. In effect giving a more powerful graphic sense to the work. She experiments with light, texture, and brushstrokes. Hence each work possesses its own unique quality. Watercolors are often combined with sophisticated ink line work and sensitive color washes. The oil pastel paintings she renders are totally unique and she is in command of the medium. She sometimes approaches drawing simply for what the lines can express. While at other times her drawing technique is focused on light and shadow, but always with an eye for detail.

Artwork Is Visual Poetry For The Eyes

In the final analysis, the result is that Sheila is now creating fine art, the product of a vision that is uniquely hers. Sheila considers visual art to be poetry for the eyes. The natural beauty of the world inspires her creative process as can be seen by her artwork. Which on the whole evokes drama, and an emotional response to the beauty of the natural world. Her works of art art significant and distinguish her, as an artist.

More About The Artist

Find out more, see examples of Massachusetts artist Sheila Alden’s oil paintings, oil pastels, watercolors, and drawings.

Sheila is a member of the Greater Haverhill Arts Association, Peabody Art Association and the Newburyport Art Association.

Also, visit her Blog for updates and interesting articles, and Blog Archive for past blogs.