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Sheila Alden Biography New England Artist

New England artist, Sheila Alden
New England artist, Sheila Alden

New England artist Sheila Alden’s artwork is the result of a combination of natural talent, ability, and formal training. At an early age Sheila exhibited a love of art and a passion for drawing and painting. For this reason she studied studio art at Emmanuel College, located in Boston, Massachusetts. While attending Emmanuel Sheila focused her studies on oil painting, drawing, sculpture, illustration and composition. During Sheila’s time at Emmanuel, artist Sister Vincent de Paul Curran was one of Sheila’s professors, and also the head of Emmanuel’s art department. Sister Vincent was an inspiration to Sheila. Renowned artist Michael L. Jacques, MFA, also one of Sheila’s teachers, had a great influence on her development as an artist.

Media, Marketing & Graphic Design

Media, marketing, and graphic design fields are where Sheila has spent much of her career. Her skill set spans a variety of print and digital mediums. These include web design, email marketing, newspaper and book creation. For many years Sheila worked full time as a lead Graphic Designer for a division of Stanley Black & Decker. During that time she attended Merrimack College in order to earn 3 Webmaster Certificates. Later at the University of Massachusetts, she focused her studies on English and Art History. Most recently she took classes at Southern New Hampshire University. There she earned credits towards a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Media Arts.

Versatile Artist

Nowadays Sheila is dedicated to the pursuit of fine art which is her real passion. A highly versatile artist, her love of experimentation and diversity has led to a split body of work. In fact it features fine paintings in many mediums such as oils, oil pastels, acrylics, and watercolors. Furthermore, she renders intricate pencil and ink drawings. An advocate of computers and technology, she is a skillful fine art digital photographer, and creator of digital art.

Sheila believes subject selection is key to exceptional artwork. The first step is to choose beautiful subjects, and then emphasize aesthetics. Next the creative should be executed using clear formal principles and elements of design. Combined with technical skill, the outcome can be an exceptionally beautiful work of art. Her oil paintings are a combination of both realistic and impressionist styles. She has a passion for capturing the exquisiteness that abounds in life and nature. In essence this is embodied in her work. In conclusion the oil paintings she creates are meticulously finished, the expert use of color and line draws the viewer into and around her compositions.

1947 Buick Super survivor in excellent condition.
1947 Buick Super survivor in excellent condition.

Animal Lover & Old Car Buff

Sheila and her husband Dan live in a small coastal city, on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Both are animal lovers who enjoy the company of their Boston Terrier dogs, and cats. They are also old car buffs. As a result they are the proud owners of a 1947 Buick Super.

More Information About New England Artist, Sheila Alden

Sheila is a member of several local art associations, including the Greater Haverhill Arts Association, Peabody Art Association and Newburyport Art Association. She exhibits her artwork year round in group and solo exhibits.

For more information about Sheila Alden, contemporary fine artist see her artist statement.

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