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Creating oil paintings is one of the artist’s favorite things to do. She employs a variety of techniques, but the end result is always a painting that is a unique, bold and energetic work of art.

Sheila Alden Painter Of Oil Paintings

Sheila enjoys painting with oil paints. Of particular noteworthiness are their rich vibrant colors, and creamy texture. Sometimes she chooses to paint on canvas, other times on panels.

In 2016 Sheila’s passion for oil painting got rejuvenated. After 35 plus years working in the print industry primarily as a graphic designer she began her career as a fine artist. Before she started to paint, she thought it prudent to take some classes to get back up to speed. As she had not painted with oils since her college days. After watching a number of Youtube videos, she came upon a series of lessons, by Mark Carder. As a consequence Sheila incorporated into her painting technique many of the tips that Carder generously shares on his website and Youtube channel. In fact you can visit his website Draw Mix Paint, to find out more information on his lessons and tutorials.

One of the many tips Alden learned from Carder was using a 5 color palette, as the base colors to mix all colors from. In particular these colors include titanium white, pale cadmium yellow, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, and alizarin crimson. To clarify with a few exceptions mainly in the creation of vivid reds and greens, these are all the colors needed to mix all colors. It also makes it easier to go back and rework a painting, as there is little guess work as to which colors were used to mix the tint or shade. As a result one just needs to figure out the amount of each color used.

The subjects of Sheila’s oil paintings are numerous and varied. She enjoys the challenge of tackling new subject matter. Most of her inspiration comes from her everyday surroundings. Both the things she loves at home, and in nature.

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Western Rider A Long Way From The Range, horse and rider marinescape oil on canvas

Harmony, peonies floral motif, oil painting on canvas

Breezing, race horse and jockey, oil painting on panel

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