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Fine art photography is something artist Sheila Alden loves to create. Her first camera was a Pentax SLR. Later when quality of digital camera improved she learned digital photography. She often takes her camera along when walking her 3 dogs around the neighborhood. Capturing images as she goes. Sometimes she just uses the camera on her smart phone.

Alden can be found North Shore, Newburyport, Newbury etc. All times of the year. Sometimes walking, other times stopping the car to take photos of something she sees.

The difference between digital artwork and digital photography can be a fine line. There are many ways you can manipulate an image using software. Sometimes just compensating for the shortfalls of digital photography. One of the first things one should do is to apply “levels” using this method one can correct photos where the pixel data falls short.

Digital cameras tend to have color casts. Some brands are too magenta and others too much cyan. In addition she frequently uses a variety of filters to create effects. Color correcting etc. There are many avenues one can take if they want to create digital artwork. Alden uses a variety of software including Adobe software such as Photoshop to make adjustments.

For the purpose of image editing, one would use bitmap editors are more suitable. And there are many to choose from. Including Gimp, which has a huge following.

Alden’s technique changes according to the effect she is working to achieve. Sometimes she wants the result to have a soft look. Other times texture is important. To set the mood, colors can be toned down and muted, or pumped up. In other words saturation and vibrancy can be increased to create a bold look. The possibilities are literally endless.

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Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Independence Park Break Water

Essex Shipbuilding Museum

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