Scenic Gloucester Harbor has been photographed and painted by many artists including Winslow Homer and Fitz Henry Lane.

Gloucester Harbor Photo

Gloucester Harbor Photo

This Gloucester Harbor photo was shot while enjoying one of Beauport Cruiselines Blues Cruises. The ship was complete with dance floors, bars and an open air deck. Lots of room for a crowd of up to 300 people to enjoy a leisurely cruise around the harbor. And listen to great blues music. A wonderful way to celebrate life – a night out enjoying the sea air.

The city of Gloucester is located on Cape Ann, in Essex County. And has become an important destination for tourists. It is particularly popular during the summer months when there is much to see and do locally. The sea has historically been at the center of Gloucester’s industry and community. Gloucester Harbor is still one of the United States working fishing ports. It has been an important center for the seafood business. Gloucester is famous for its 350 years as a shipbuilding center. Thousands of vessels have been built and launched from its shipyards.

Visit Wikipedia to learn more about Gloucester and Gloucester Harbor.

Gloucester Harbor Photo Details

The ambiance is clear when one looks at this Gloucester Harbor photo. The views are spectacular. From the top deck one has a clear view all around Gloucester Harbor. Marinas and moorings abound. A certain timelessness prevails at this very special place. Steeped in history, yet timeless.

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