Harmony, flower oil painting, a cascade of pink peonies on a dark green background.

Flower Oil Painting Cascade Of Pink Peonies

Harmony (Flower Oil Painting On Canvas)

Peonies are a species of flower that have symbolic meaning. Furthermore in some cultures they are thought to be the embodiment of prosperity and romance. Uniquely beautiful – it is important to note that this flower oil painting was inspired by the sheer perfection of the plant itself. This majestic plant crowned with numerous spectacular blossoms was discovered in a local flower garden, in Beverly, Massachusetts. It was already a masterpiece.

As a result the scene was photographed by the artist, and later painted, in her studio. Consequently it won an Honorable Mention Award, at the 2017 GHAA Annual Open Art Exhibit. Juror Steve Greco’s comments were “I love this work – it’s quite ‘Matisse’ like!” With this in mind it is possible that one of the reasons for this similarity to the great master is the curvilinear shapes of the petals and flowers. They add a lush femininity to the painting, which is present in much of Matisse’s work.

Stark Contrast And Bold Brushwork

Harmony was painted using a limited palette and complimentary colors of red and green. Opposite colors in the color wheel, complimentary colors add the strongest contrast and harmony, as demonstrated here.  The peonies are rendered in a multitude of shades and tints of pink which stand in contrast to the stark dark green background. Almost the entire background is a solid green/black fill which is void of all but a few highlights. Because of this stark contrast the viewers’ attention is drawn to the dynamic brushwork in the flowers. Furthermore the contrasting values causes tension and energy that lifts the flowers up from the darkness. Therefore the flowers come forth and appear to dance across the canvas.

As a result of the broad brushstrokes this painting of peonies viewed from close up appears abstracted. While when seen from a distance the painting looks quite realistic. The flowers are large which enabled the artist to employ dramatic brushstrokes.

The peonies’ blossoms vary from mere buds to those that have lost most of their petals. They tell the story of the life cycle from birth, through the joy of youth and middle age, to old age and ultimately death. Nevertheless there is nothing sad about this painting. No dust or decay, only joy and happiness leap out at the viewer as the observe the beauty of life captured on canvas.

About This Peony Flower Oil Painting:

Title: Harmony

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 20″ x 16″

Framed Size: 21-3/4″ x 17-3/4″

Harmony, Original Flower Oil Painting Exhibitions

2017 Flip Flop; Newburyport Art Association pops up at the Marblehead Art Association

2017 Greater Haverhill Art Association Annual Open Art Exhibit

Harmony, Original Flower Oil Painting Award

Honorable Mention Award won at 2017 Greater Haverhill Art Association Annual Open Art Exhibit, Juror: Steve Greco.

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