Beverly Art Association...keep looking, hopefully someday there will be one.

Beverly Art Association – Beverly Time To Say “Yes”

Beverly Art Association

Beverly is a town with many art related venues. In fact, there is The Beverly Arts District (“BAD”), which went public in 2014. Notably it was created through a partnership of the City of Beverly, Montserrat College of Art and Beverly Main Streets. Also, there is a robust  Theatre District. This includes The Cabot, The Larcom and 9 Wallis and the North Shore Music Theatre. Another feather in Beverly’s art cap is Montserrat College of Art. Moreover there are a number of art galleries in town. Including Mingo, Porter Mill, Gold Coast Gallery, and others. Take a walk around downtown Beverly and see many fine murals painted on the outsides of buildings (check out my previous blog post for more info). And just recently, there is talk of establishing a Public Art Policy for Beverly. Yet despite all of this interest in art, there is no Beverly Art Association.

Many people in town recognize the value of art. Of course art and culture are integral to building a healthy society. Important to realize is that the impact of art on the health and well being of a community is immeasurable. Furthermore art is used  to communicate ideas, express emotion and explore aesthetics. Not to mention it is a way to instill values, share experiences, and preserve beliefs and identity. Equally important it is a means to chronicle our life experiences.

Art Is A Valuable Resource

Not only does art bring beauty into our lives and make our communities strong, it is a valuable resource for everyone. One has only to look at our neighboring city Salem, which leverages the Peabody Essex Museum and the House of Seven Gables. These venues encourage education and share our history. Additionally they are used to attract tourists, and by the same token foster economic growth.

Here is a list of just some of the art associations in surrounding towns:

And missing from this list is Beverly Art Association