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watercolor paintings graphicOriginal Watercolor Paintings By Sheila Alden

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Sheila Alden began working with watercolors at an early age. Her watercolor paintings are visually delightful and evoke a sense of viewer involvement. At times she combines pen and ink with watercolors to give the artwork a more graphic look.

Since Alden’s watercolor paintings reflect her love of nature it is no surprise that the subjects of her compositions are often flowers and animals. Overall her passion for watercolors revolves around the creation of pictures that are both charming and spontaneous.

Another key point is that Alden believes in life long learning. That is to say she undertakes new mediums with passion. For example she experiments to learn the effects of the dispersion of water and color on underlying surfaces. For this reason she tests papers and multimedia boards that have a variety of textures. To add emphasis she often combines pen and ink in conjunction with watercolors.

For example Sheila often begins by creating a pen and ink sketch. Then later after it dries goes over it with colored washes. After she adds more ink and paint as needed to maintain the contrast and values.

Stone Age People Created Watercolor Paintings

The use of water-soluble colored pigment is as old as the cave paintings created by Stone Age people. People of different cultures painted manuscript pages with watercolors. The Egyptians used watercolor painting on papyrus and the walls of tombs. A favorite of Sheila’s is the early watercolor by Albrecht Dürer, Young Hare, 1502, painted with watercolor and body color, located in Albertina, Vienna. Another is Winslow Homer’s, The Blue Boat, painted in 1892. Today art hobbyists and professionals alike enjoy watercolors.

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Carriage Horses, 2 horse hitch watercolor painting

Sparky The Cat, cat in the garden, watercolor painting

Indian Chief – Welcome, Indian chief on a white horse

Chariot – My Father’s Eyes, horse drawn chariot

Flower Crest, flower arrangement on a black background

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