Flower Crest watercolor

Flower Crest Watercolor

Flower Crest Watercolor

This still life flower crest watercolor is painted in a stylized graphic manner. It features an arrangement of delicate flowers on a flat black background. Lilies, marigolds, daisies, and cyclamen are intricately woven into a complex design.

The design was first worked out as a pencil drawing on heavy construction paper. After the design was completed it was used as a stencil. As sections of the stencil were cut the lines were penciled onto watercolor paper. Once the entire design was penciled in, India ink lines were penned over the pencil. Afterwards the pencil lines were erased.

Alden’s expert handling of pen and ink can be seen in the fine lines and details. After the inking was completed many layers of colors were carefully applied. Light washes of color emblazon the blooms, leaves, and grasses. Afterward the inking and painting was completed colored pencil highlights were worked in. This was done to add depth and dimension of the artwork.

The design resembles a family crest or coat of arms. However it does not feature the elements we would expect so see in a crest. Such as a shield, supporters, and motto. It is almost an anti coat of arms. The flowers and grasses are natures coat of arms. They are part of her heraldic achievements to life. They play a major role in the survival of all living things and the tapestry of life itself.

About This Flower Crest Watercolor Painting:

Title: Flower Crest

Medium: Watercolors and India ink, on Arches watercolor paper

Size: 12-5/8″ x 17″

Framed Size: 18-3/8″ x 22-3/4″

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