Sparky the cat watercolor painting

Cat Watercolor – Sparky The Cat (Watercolor, Pen & Ink)

Sparky The Cat Watercolor

This cat watercolor and India ink painting is of Sparky, a beloved childhood pet of the artist, Sheila Alden. Sparky had a big personality and an even bigger heart. He felt it was his responsibility to win over any non-cat lovers who during the course of his life he met. In essence Sparky was magical, a very significant being, and a true diplomat.

While growing up Alden and feline friend spent a lot of time together. The explorer hunter generously took time out from his cat responsibilities to spend time with his human companion. Together they explored the gardens around their home. As a result of a productive day of taking photographs of her tabby mentor, Alden identified a photo that was a great fit for a painting. And this artwork is the consequence.

Cats Are Masterpieces Of The Animal World

Decorative just as they are, cats don’t need human help to become masterpieces. To this fact most cat lovers will agree. However feline friends and admirers often like to preserve a visual likeness of their pal. For that reason pet portraits are very popular indeed. It is well known that throughout history cats have been the symbols of many things. For example cats symbolize mystery and magic, rebirth and resurrection.

Sparky the cat, the primary subject of this painting sits neatly in the foreground and looks quizzically at the viewer. What is he thinking? That expression “I have a secret” which is so familiar to cat owners is captured in this watercolor.

Arches Watercolor Paper, Watercolors And India Ink

Alden used classic materials to produce this work; Arches watercolor paper, watercolors and India ink. Her skillful use of pen and ink can be seen in the intricate details. In fact the ink work accentuates the subject the cat and its stripes.

The artist employed a combination of watercolor techniques. For effect she used both soft and hard edges. On the whole hard edges draw attention to some of the more interesting areas of the painting. Overall soft edges are used to move the viewer along to other sections. To emphasize the cats fur she skillfully transitioned the color of the fur from tawny browns to blue grays. Careful placement of the shadows on the body of the cat add to the three dimensional look of the work. The background flowers, leaves and horizontal tree trunk frame the cat thus provide a solid grounding of the composition.

About This Cat Watercolor Painting:

Title: Sparky The Cat

Medium: Watercolors and India ink, on Arches watercolor paper

Size: 13-1/4″ x 12-1/4″

Framed Size: 19-1/2″ x 18-3/4″

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