Image-Tec Methuen MA Commercial Photography Studio

Image-Tec Methuen MA, Greater Haverhill Arts Association Field Trip

Image-Tec's Tom Grassi making adjustments to the high resolution scanner at Image-Tec Methuen MA.
Image-Tec’s Tom Grassi making adjustments to the high resolution scanner.

I recently became a new artist member of the Greater Haverhill Arts Association (GHAA). And as a result had the opportunity to go on an informative field trip with them to Image-Tec Methuen MA. Notably Image-Tec is a full service commercial photography studio. Accordingly they have a variety of state of-the-art equipment. Image-Tec’s Tom Grassi and Jean Abate put on a special demonstration focused on their high resolution scanner and giclée prints.

Giclée (pronounced “g-clay”) prints are fine art digital prints. The process uses pigment based inked printed on archival quality paper and canvas. The prints are light-fast, stable and archival.

Image-Tec Methuen MA, Demonstration

Adobe Photoshop software is used to color correct the scanned image at Image-Tec Methuen MA.
Adobe Photoshop software was used to color correct the scanned image.

The demonstration included scanning and color correction. Moreover a raffle was held to select 2 members to have their artwork scanned as part of the demo. In fact, I am happy to say that I was one of two lucky GHAA members to win the raffle to have their artwork scanned. Also, I received a archival quality giclée print on canvas of my painting. As shown above, I chose my oil painting “Breezing” for the demo.

The demo began with the lights being adjusted overhead to get the best light on the painting. Next the image was scanned with their high resolution scanner. After that the scan was then brought into the computer and opened in Photoshop. During that time Tom and Jean worked together to color correct the image.

The giclée in the process of being printed at Image-Tec Methuen MA.
The giclée in the process of being printed.

The image was sent to the printer after they were satisfied with the color. The printer they used can output canvas prints in very large sizes.

My husband and I had a wonderful time with members of the Greater Haverhill Arts Association. Many thanks to them, and Image-Tec’s Tom Grassi and Jean Abate for sharing the time and knowledge. As well as for the lovely complimentary giclee canvas print of my painting.

I highly recommend Image-Tec, a full service commercial photography studio. For more resources visit our Community Resource Page.

Art Classes Are Key To Development And Learning

Art Classes Are An Integral Part Of Learning And Development

Art Classes At The Sisters Of Notre Dame de Namur

Life and Death of A Flower, is a painting I created using opaque watercolors. It was a homework assignment for one of my art classes.
Life and Death of A Flower, is a painting I created using opaque watercolors. It was a homework assignment for one of my art classes.
Africa is a poster featuring a zebra, created with opaque watercolors during art classes at Emmanuel College.
Africa is a poster created with opaque watercolors during art classes at Emmanuel College.

Art is a passion of mine. Art classes and school have been key to fueling that passion. Not just now but for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, on Saturday mornings my mom would take me to art classes held at The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Jeffrey’s Neck Rd., in Ipswich, MA. Art classes were taught by Sister Vincent DePaul.

Looking back on my time there I see the sun pouring into a spacious room filled with long tables. Here there were bustling children busy with their colorful projects. For the most part I made handmade ceramics. The tactile experience of working and shaping clay was very satisfying. The finished pottery was air dried. Next it was fired in a large kiln. There was much anticipation at what the final piece would look like after it had been fired. It is only then that one can see the true color of the glazes. It was always a surprise and a delight.

Art Classes While In Grammar School

Back in grammar school I used to draw on the half sheets of paper that were handed out in math class. I would sell those drawings outside at recess for a few pennies, or give them away to friends. Art classes were always my favorite. When I was in other classes I doodled in my notebook while listening to the lectures.

Art Classes While In High School

Art classes in high school were great, everyone got a chance to try new things. However, at the time we only had small school desks. I think big long tables are much better to work on. Throughout that time I would also work at home on various drawings and paintings. I enjoyed experimenting with many types of media including painting with acrylics and watercolors, and drawing with pencils, and pen and ink. The flower painting on this page is opaque watercolor on paper. I got permission from the local greenhouse to sit and create artwork, and this is what I came up with.

Art Classes In Emmanuel College

When I attended Emmanuel College, I majored in Studio Art. While attending Emmanuel I studied design and composition, illustration, sculpture, drawing, and oil painting. I enjoyed my time there, particularly the classes I took with Sister Vincent DePaul, (the head of the art department at Emmanuel).

Above is another piece I created during this period. Titled “Africa” it was for an assignment to create a poster for a foreign country. As often happens, I chose Africa so that I could feature an animal as the subject of my painting. As many people know, animals are one of my favorite subjects to feature in artwork. This piece was created using opaque watercolors on illustration board, and is in a private collection. After Emmanuel, I took a number of different classes at other schools. Visit my bio page to learn more.

Examples Of Artwork

Visit these pages to view current examples of my artwork oil paintings, oil pastels, watercolors, and drawings.