Western horse oil painting, rider and horse moving along the ocean shore towing an unseen boat.

Western Horse Oil Painting, Dynamic Marinescape

Western Rider A Long Way From The Range

(Western Horse Oil Painting on Canvas)

Western Rider A Long Way From The Range is a Western horse oil painting set at water’s edge, on a sandy beach. This marinescape captures the dynamic action of  the horse and rider, as they interact with the marine environment. The style is primarily Impressionistic. This  fleeting glimpse of time, is not a frozen rendition of the scene, but instead the movement of the figures, sky and ocean give it the appearance of having a life of its own.

The jewel-like complimentary colors of blue and orange are rich and amazingly fresh. The paint gives the surface a tactile quality. The artist uses a painterly style that employs loose expressive brushstrokes to create a sense of motion and interplay between all the elements; earth, sky, water, man and horse. There is an inherent tension, as the ocean waves drive into shore, and the horse and rider head out to sea. The use of lines in the horse’s bridle, reins and the tow rope lead the viewers eyes to the focal point, the Western rider. Calm yet determined, he confidently guides his horse into rough water. There is an undeniable bond between them, and an energy that is charged with emotional intensity.

About This Western Horse Oil Painting:

Title: Western Rider A Long Way From The Range

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 24″ x 18″

Framed Size: 26-1/4″ x 20-1/4″

Western Rider A Long Way From The Range, Original Horse Oil Painting Exhibitions

Variations IV New England Regional Exhibit, Marblehead Arts Association

Newburyport Art Association’s 2017 Fall Members Juried Show, Part One

2017 Marblehead Festival of Arts

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