Mallard duck drawing created with pen and ink on paper

Mallard Duck Drawing (Pen and Ink)

Mallard Duck Drawing (Pen and Ink)

Artist Sheila Alden is a lover of nature. For that reason she created this expertly rendered Mallard duck drawing that was inspired by John J. Audubon’s Pl. 385 Mallard Duck, The Birds of America, Bien edition, 1860.

In the foreground of this pen and India ink artwork is a group of four Mallard ducks that have gathered together to feed in the tall marsh grass. While the ducks are richly detailed, the plants in the background are not.  For this reason the viewers’ attention is drawn to the ducks, which are the main focus of the work. In a word this artwork is characterized by the curvature of the lines and rich details in the birds feathers.

Mallards are an abundant and familiar wild duck species. On the whole they live in freshwater wetland areas in North America, Europe and Asia. As can be seen they contribute to the scenic beauty of our ponds, rivers and waterways. Parents enjoy introducing their children to outdoors and wildlife by visiting local ponds to observe these magnificent waterfowl.

Ducks along with other types of wildlife are popular subjects in today’s art. In fact many wild animals are now in danger of extinction, and are in need of our protection. In conclusion A great place to see and experience wildlife art is The National Museum of Wildlife Art, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Notably the museum is home to more than 5,000 artworks of wild animals from all parts of the world.

About This Mallard Duck Drawing:

Title: The Orange Cat

Medium: Oil pastel on Arches 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper

Size: 18-1/8″ x 14-7/8″

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