This photo taken at Independence Park features a signet sailboat, in the foreground.

Independence Park Sailboats Photo

Independence Park Sailboats Fine Art Photography

This photo is a view of Beverly Harbor that was shot at dawn from Independence Park beach. The harbor and surrounding waters are a safe haven for these seaworthy crafts. As well as a briny sanctuary for fishes, whales and dolphins. One can almost feel the bobbing movement as the tides shift and slip beneath the cluster of vessels. These Independence Park sailboats lay in restless repose for the coming time when their sails will be hoisted and anchors lifted. To be cast off. And then become part of the destiny they were created for. They will fly with the wind, and speak to the ocean. The creators of such crafts are masters of perfection.

British Signet In Foreground Of Independence Park Sailboats Photo

One small sailboat, a British signet in the foreground stands out from the rest. Its singularity promotes a dramatic sense of unique independence. Who knew a small boat could emote determination as this one does.

This bevy of Independence Park sailboats is highlighted by the contrasting texture of the water. Bands of silver white interrupt rows of course sandpaper blue and break the picture into sections. The monotone pale blue colors of the scene add to the sense of timelessness of these sailboats anchored near the shore. The photo knits the foreground, middle ground and background together. Each space has its own story to tell, yet they are woven together into a larger dialog. The independence of the signet, the crowd of sailboats, and island destination in the background all work together to engage the viewer.

Beverly has other lovely beaches, as well. Including Lynch Park, Dane Street Beach and Tuck’s Point. For more information visit the Beverly Recreation Department.

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