Pen and ink cat drawing - reclining Maine Coon cat

Cat Drawing Pen and Ink – Maine Coon Cat In Repose

Cat Drawing – Cat In Repose

The subject of Artist Sheila Alden’s extraordinary detailed cat pen and ink drawing is a cat she once had the good fortune to own. The portrait was created with India ink on professional artist’s paper.

The cat in this picture was the artist’s first Maine Coon cat. A breed that the artist has grown very fond of, and as a result she now has two fine specimens.

Much of the portrait was done working from a photograph and is to life. By the same token the artist’s careful observation of her pet contributed to the remarkable likeness of the animal. Alden captured the compelling emotion in the cat’s eyes. Furthermore the eyes draw the viewer in and seemingly look into their soul. 

After the figure of the cat was nearly completed, the flowers were worked into the composition. The graceful blossoms are characterized by smooth elegant lines. As can be seen the artist is a master of the appropriate use of line. Whether she uses lines for directional marks, to denote texture or to capture details the end results are dramatic.

An interesting side note is that many artists picture cats sleeping or resting. This seems most likely because of how difficult it is to get them to stay still. So perhaps this is the reason. One of the artist’s favorites is Cat, by artist Tsuguharu Foujita. Additionally this lovely piece was be quested by Miss Adelaide Milton de Groot to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York. 

About This Cat Pen and Ink Drawing:

Title: Cat In Repose

Medium: Pen and India ink on Arches watercolor paper

Size: 22-5/8″ x 17-1/8″

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