Race horse oil painting original fine art, title: Breezing

Horse Oil Painting Original Fine Art, Breezing

Breezing (Race Horse Oil Painting On Panel)

This horse oil painting is set in a green tree lined field, on a cool quiet spring morning. When suddenly a race horse and rider burst into the landscape. Due to the strength and vigor of the pair, one can almost hear the thunder of hooves and smell the sweat.

Breezing captures the dynamics between rider and race horse during a morning workout. The unified composition is rendered using organic shapes. To emphasize realism artist Sheila Alden employed a natural color palette which is comprised mainly of shades and tints of brown, green, blue and gray.

The scene conveys the opposing forces of harmony and tension. In this case powerful lines both actual and implied draw the viewer’s eyes around the artwork. In addition these lines form the main focal point, the triangular shape created by the crisscrossed reins. Moreover the rider’s arms and legs pull back and offset the powerful forward motion of the horse. As a result a sense of balance is obtained.

Bold brush work, sharp edges and abstract shapes define the horse and rider. In contrast the blue and green background is soft and blurry. Different from the figures’ strength and power, the background serves to intensify the action. The mood is one of explosive power. The dynamism of the horse and rider defy the 2 dimensional space of the substrate they are contained within.

Curved shapes also play an important role in the structure of the composition. The horses’ neck is comprised of echoing curved shapes that are topped by the horse’s curving wind swept mane. The repetition of sweeping contour forms in both figures contribute to an undeniable sense of motion.

About This Race Horse Oil Painting:

Title: Breezing

Medium: Oil on panel

Size: 20″ x 16″

Framed Size: 22″ x 18″

Breezing, Original Horse Oil Painting Exhibitions

Newburyport Art Association’s 20th Annual Regional Juried Show

Fun Fact About This Painting:

Saturday, February 17th, the GHAA had a field trip and Breezing was used to demonstrate Image-Tec of Methuen’s art reproduction services. Which include scanning, giclee, reproductions, notecard printing, and more. It was one of two pieces or art they scanned to show how color corrections are done and prints are made.

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