Newburyport marshes winter digital artwork

Newburyport Marshes Winter Digital Artwork

Newburyport Marshes Winter Digital Artwork

Artist Sheila Alden is a lover of the outdoors. She enjoys all the seasons New England has to offer. Warm months as well as cold. The Newburyport marshes winter scenes are lovely. Consequently, they are among her favorite haunts. She takes her digital camera down to the water’s edge and shoots photos to work with in her studio. Sometimes she will create an actual painting or drawing. Other times she will bring the image into her computer and manipulate it with graphics software.

The later is the case for this Newburyport winter scene. An icy cold blue of a day. In the foreground the ice covered water stands frozen. But there is a certain tension, as it waits for the rising tide to lift it up cracking and crashing. To drift to who knows where. The water in the middle ground is dotted with floating debris. Bands of shades of brown lead the viewer’s eye through the artwork. Eventually to the horizon, dotted with cottages.

Artists have been inspired by Newburyport marshes long before this artwork was created. The Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston is home to at least one Newburyport marsh painting. Martin Johnson Heade (American, 1819–1904) painted Newburyport Marshes sometime between 1866-76, that can be found there.

About This Newburyport Marshes Winter  Digital Artwork:

Title: Newburyport Marshes Winter

Medium: Digital artwork on canvas

Size: 20″ x 16″

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