Independence Park Beverly MA digital artwork

Independence Park Beverly MA Digital Artwork

Independence Park Beverly MA Digital Artwork

One of the artist’s favorite places to photograph is Independence Park Beverly MA. Noteworthy are its spectacular views. Winter, summer, spring and fall. Day and evening, and during good weather and bad. The sky and sea are always changing. One has an unimpeded view of cloud formations, as they rise high into the sky. When the water is still and glass like, their reflections do double duty.

The park is located on Route 127 which is also named Lothrop Street. Especially at sunrise and sunset. To be sure the light is most dramatic at this time of the day. And the artist finds this to be most inspiring.

The park has a steep sloped grassy area above a little beach. Because of its small size, there is limited beach space during high tide. A cement staircase makes access to the beach easy. One can also enter via a ramp on the right hand side. Where there is also and interesting break wall made up of piled rocks. It juts out into the Beverly Channel. The area where this park is located is also known as the “Birthplace of the Navy.”

Beverly has other lovely beaches, as well. Including Lynch Park, Dane Street Beach and Tuck’s Point. For more information visit the Beverly Recreation Department.

About This Independence Park Beverly MA Digital Artwork:

Title: Independence Park Beverly MA

Medium: Digital artwork on canvas

Size: 20″ x 16″

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