Newburyport marshes digital artwork

Newburyport Marshes Digital Artwork

Newburyport Marshes Digital Artwork

Artist Sheila Alden enjoys creating artwork inspired by the nearby Atlantic Ocean and surrounding areas. Newburyport Marshes digital artwork is of a scene on the way to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is located on Refuge Road, in Newbury, Massachusetts. There are many magnificent nature scenes along this road. Any number of which would make excellent subject matter for artwork.

The vantage point of this particular marsh scene is from behind a row of reeds. The viewer can see through the reeds and across the snow covered marsh. Everything about this artwork says warmth and cold together. The robin’s egg blue sky holds the promise of spring. The complimentary shades of gold and brown are broken up by bands of white snow, and clouds. The horizon is dotted with a row of inviting cottages that beckon to the viewer. This artwork is about the beauty in the challenges in nature. And the goodness that is held within, and waiting to be set loose as time unfolds.

The Newburyport area has long been a favorite place for artists. One of whom was Fitz Henry Lane. Visit The Fitz Henry Lane website to see a lithograph on paper of his work titled View of Newburyport from Salisbury.

About This Newburyport Marshes Digital Artwork:

Title: Newburyport Marshes

Medium: Digital artwork on canvas

Size: 20″ x 16″

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